For Robert Graham Collectors, pictures are worth a thousand words.

They’re not as well known Versace, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton, but Robert Graham holds their own in the world of fashion, and survive largely through their independent chain of stores plus appearances in Saks Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, and other flagship clothiers. The brand is actually the brain child of two fashion forward men: Robert Stock, a clothing designer, and Graham Fowler, a French textile designer.

While Robert Graham makes men’s and women’s jackets, shirts, and pants, the brand is famous for a number of fantastic shirts that combine fanciful fabrics with embroidery, high-quality details such as crystal buttons, contrasting plackets, and most notably flip cuffs. The premium shirts in the Robert Graham line up are limited edition shirts, identified by the following features:

  • The inside of the shirt’s yoke will be embroidered with “Robert Graham Limited Edition”
  • Higher quality fabric than their standard shirts will be used along with higher end touches: crystal buttons, metallic thread, fabric beading, detailed embroidery
  • There will be a limited edition number indicating the order in which the shirt was run along with the total number of these shirts made.

If you are a seller of Robert Graham shirts, and try to sneak a shirt past collectors that is NOT Limited Edition, expect to be called out for it. It doesn’t make it an inferior product, it simply is not Limited Edition.

If you are a reseller of Robert Graham shirts, and find one that is Limited Edition in a size small – connect with me immediately 😉

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