Why Buy from Hibiscus Pizza?

Hibiscus Pizza is devoted to making your experience of buying fashion online the best experience you’ll can have.

Buying online is more important now than ever, and buying clothes online can be a challenge. I want to make sure you have the best possible experience when you buy from Hibiscus Pizza, so here’s how we can work together to make sure your experience is a happy one.

  • Review the listing description and the images prior to purchase. Each item listed has a minimum of front, back, detail and tags. Details include buttons, cuffs, bottoms, and other details that should give you an idea of the item’s condition.
  • Each item is graded as: New with tags, which are new items with tags from the original store. Any item without tags, even if new will be listed as “pre-owned”. Pre-owned items are indistinguishable from new with tag items: no rips, or stains outside the items original design. Imperfect items have small wear points, or may have been mended, but require no additional work in order to be worn out of the box. Items that are missing a button, liner, or have wear outside the original design are marked as distressed, and should have either a description indicating the issue, or it is in the pictures. Finally, we have a great number of vintage items, indicating 20+ years of age. While these are very unique fashion items, review all pictures and read the description to find out if there are imperfections.
  • Communicate when you have questions. This can include measurements, condition notes, additional pictures, or even making an offer. As a rule, most offers are accepted or countered. I’m not a warehouse, and I’m just as anxious to move fashions as you are to get them.
  • Fast shipping. I love shipping things as fast as I can, so most items go out same day (if purchased and paid before noon) or next day. I’ve a great relationship with USPS, FedEx, and UPS, so they’re invited daily to pick up items. I’m very fond of shipping things out priority as well, so that you get your items quicker. Once paid for, they’re not mine, they’re yours!
  • Returns. Most resellers don’t like talking about returns, but it’s a reality of being in business. I promise that I will never hold a return against a buyer, nor will I delay returning funds. I’d rather win a customer and lose a sale. Again, review pictures and make sure you ask questions before you make a purchase.
  • Platform Rules: Remember each platform handles their sales process differently. At the top of this page you’ll see all of the platforms under which we do business, and the difference between each. Check them out so you find the platform that works best for us.

Really, that’s it. If there’s something else you think I should add, or a question you have about Hibiscus Pizza’s policy, please let me know. I am on your side 🙂

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