I Wanna Know About Your Hats!

Let’s talk hats – it seems that many people stopped wearing hats, unlike the 50’s and 60’s! I think they’re great for covering the head, but also make a great fashion statement! Just me? Let me know in comments!


  1. I have a bunch of hats that I wear delivering mail. My favourite is this antique Russian Ushanka (that I really bought to go with my rifle for a dumb snow photo shoot…A Mosin Nagant 91/30. ) After the shoot, I just realised it was damn cool and kept wearing it (though I did take off the Soviet badge because uhh…the US Mail Comrade wasn’t really working for me…or anyone.). Floppy hats, tiny little box hats, military caps, bizarre hats…I’m into them all.

    My mother and I used to go places just to try on their hats, affect bad accents and be obnoxious for an afternoon. We’d come home with a stack of wacky looking ones that made us laugh the most. It’s one of those stupid things that I miss the most.

  2. I have a love of hats & wore hats all the time in the 80’s. Now just my big sun hats during summer. My favorite style is a nice felt Fedora. Close second is a homburg or panama.

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