Make It Last - All About Shoe Widths


Shoe widths are confusing - a string of letters that seemingly have nothing to do with fit. HibiscusPizza here to break it down for you:

  1. You might see the letter "M" to describe width in men's and women's shoe. All that really means is "standard" 
  2. Most commonly, women's widths start with a B, while men's standard is a D. 
  3. Widths can very wildly, from SS (super slim) to 19E, but most people fit into their standard width
  4. There's no standardization for the "last" or the mold around which the shoe is created. 


So how do you figure it out? Experimentation, largely. Once you find a width that works, stick with it. If you do get a shoe with last that is a letter above or below, they generally fit by going a 1/2 size up, or you can add a cork insole to make them a bit snugger. Remember, there's no real standard when it comes to making a shoe size, so some alterations may be necessary to get your shoe to fit.


Finally, purchase shoes made from real leather or other natural fibers. Not only will they last longer and breathe better, but they're more flexible and will become more comfortable the longer you wear them. 


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